There’s Better Ways Of Working was created by Martin Grimshaw in 2013, and is a trading name of Thriving Planet CIC.

I help bring about healthier and happier people, organisations and ecosystems.

Several thousand people have attended events and training that I have led or co-created, with students travelling from across Europe and the UK.

Co-founder SociocracyUK and DecisionLab – whose parent company was probably the world’s first fully incorporated Sociocratic Co-operative company
PGDip Environmental Assessment and Management

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I travel around for work when necessary. In 2016 I relocated to Lancaster, North West England; for a long time previously I was based in Brighton on the South coast with contacts around London and the South East especially.

Apart from all that, sometimes I like to go up big hills and back down them again. I gave up* flying around 2006 in response to Climate Change.

* I try hard not to fly, very rarely do, but I’ll do it if it seems very justified.

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