“Working with Martin gave our group the courage to communicate honestly with each other, which has allowed us to resolve sources of conflict and led to a renewed and productive working relationship.” – JT, sustainable business co-founder

“I attended a facilitation training session run by Martin and was very impressed by his cheerful, practical attitude. It was very clear that he is an expert in the field, with a wealth of experience to draw upon, but he always had time for the sometimes-naive questions we might ask. It was a really enjoyable day, and provided me with a number of tools and approaches that I apply regularly when facilitating groups.” – Shaun Chamberlin, Founder at Dark Optimism

“Martin has been facilitating our group of co-housing wannabes who want to establish an eco-project down by the Mediterranean. His attention to detail and process is reassuring and efficient, spending good and close time in pre-meeting briefings and planning. His style as a facilitator is excellently judged – the perfect mix of overall time-control, yet creating a ‘free-space’ for extended and relaxed discussion, with a real emphasis on ‘inclusivity’ inviting all to contribute every step of the way. I would unhesitatingly recommend Martin’s experience, skills and unique ability to create and deliver the right atmosphere for an effective meeting!” – Dave Allen, Eco-Co-Housing Project Leader

“Great job, thanks! Nice to feel heard. You provided comfort, biscuits and tea – lovely. I felt relaxed, there was no jargon or bullshit, and you allowed us space. I feel much better about our next steps and timeline.” – TM, Director of Sussex based social enterprise

“Martin is a master, it’s like watching Roger Federer on Centre Court. It brought tears to my eyes, I’ve never seen anybody conduct IT systems training with such kindness and patience. It was very impressive, I saw a complete turnaround in one of his trainees who was like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a techno-freakout. He was playful, fun and unthreatening: exactly what was needed.” – Andrew Webb, Software Architect

“Transition and creative enterprises often find themselves in a conflict zone at some point, as old ways of doing things clash with new ones, especially when you are working within a co-operative frame. We were lucky to have Martin who skillfully helped us negotiate a path out of it.” – Charlotte Du Cann, Transition Free Press

“I have attended several training workshops as well as Open Space events which Martin has facilitated, and I found his style very professional, inspiring and personal at the same time. In training workshops he draws out the best in participants, ensuring they get maximum benefit especially when learning new skills, and his workshops were lively, highly interactive and completely focussed on the needs of participants. His facilitation style is such that he can adopt to changing situations very adeptly and get the group to where it needs to be regardless of external circumstances. Martin is recognised as a superb Open Space Technology facilitator and trainer of OST facilitators. The 2-day OST event I attended which he organised and facilitated was highly successful and very inspiring – indeed it is on that basis that I decided to work more closely with him. I also subsequently know Martin as a colleague and co-founder of Sociocracy UK and have found him to be dedicated, authentic and generally a great person to work with.” – François Knuchel, Lean Dynamic Systems & Governance Trainer / ConsultantRedesigning business to meet the future

“Martin facilitated a work day focussed on difficulties in our group. Surprisingly, two months later we were still talking. We were all very nervous about the meeting, because of misunderstandings building up. The day was occasionally sticky, but it also went phenomenally well, in no small part due to Martin’s excellent facilitation. As we reached ‘squeaky bum time’ for the next period of work intensity, relationships were still holding up well, testimony to Martin’s great work.” – AR, social enterprise

“Martin is one of those rare people who not only authentically get “it”, but strives daily to walk the talk and support others in doing so.  His efforts are backed up by a wealth of skills and experience in working with organisations and groups.” – Mamading Ceesay, London Creative Labs

“I had the pleasure of sharing my ideas with Martin, he has the ability to focus in the moment and inspire success, he is the kind of leader that supports you in thinking it through to an adaptable, workable solution.” – Fiona Szabo, Community Arts Project Co-ordinator

“Martin was fantastic, he allowed us to be honest without pushing, and asked probing enough questions to get out what’s needed.” BM, theatre company

“What I appreciate about Martin is that beyond his evident skills in change making, his extensive applied knowledge in sustainable development and his experience in transformational processes with diverse people groups of people, he is a human being first. He knows how to nurture the right balance in a group. He brings that very important perspective that can sometimes get lost when people seek to make a difference.

In July 2010 I worked with Martin to run the world’s first facilitation camp. It was such a pleasure to work with someone with very high standards who is also very human. This truly stood out for me about Martin. I find Martin to be very authentic in the way he goes about making change. He is also great fun to work with. Martin practices what he preaches, his work is often leading edge and yet he has not lost the ability to relate to the mainstream. In today’s world, I do believe that we need excellent changemakers who also practice in a wise way. I see Martin as one of these people and I recommend him for this reason.” – Sofia Bustamante FRSA, Founder at Game The Work, and London Creative Labs

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