Mindfulness For Smarter Living 9-15 Sep 2016, Greece

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Week long learn and play retreat, with plenty of time for snorkelling and hiking around the stunning Mt Pelion coastline. Buddha’s Top Tips For Bringing Your Life Alive: Mindfulness has become a popular practice in the West, and embraced in business and medical settings, as well as in the growth in services focused on wellbeing. However, in going mainstream, much has been lost of the context in which mindfulness has arisen. To go deeper and learn more, commonly people will encounter teachings which are part of a vast and diverse web of cultures and ancient wisdom, and it is easy to be put off by language and something very different to anything we usually encounter in Western cultures. However, it has been said that while the Buddhist teachings and scriptures are like a mighty forest which one can explore for a lifetime, all one needs is contained within a handful of leaves…

Building Enthusiastic Teams with Sociocracy, Greece, 2 – 9 Sept 2016

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Want to solve many of the problems commonly faced in the workplace? Want to be more self organised and collaborative? Feel like you’re not getting the best from yourself or your colleagues? 1 week learn & play retreat at the stunning Pelion Centre, Mount Pelion, Thessaly, Greece – part of the Kalikalos holistic education network. Just €400 including food and shared accommodation, and plenty of time for snorkelling and exploring.

Shift: Why aren’t organisations shifting? unConference, Tue 21 July ’15

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Caterfly presents: a 1 day event exploring the need for transforming the way we work together, the move toward more collaborative, responsive workplaces, for businesses that place the customer at the centre, with respect for people and planet, the reality, complexity and barriers to change, and ways to move forward.

What is Open Space?

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Open Space Technology, commonly Open Space, is a social technology, a tool for helping people to rally around a shared challenge, with minimum obstacles and maximum efficiency. It is used to organise meetings, gatherings, conferences, problem solving and summits in which everyone has the opportunity to participate on their own terms…

What is Kaizen?

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Guest post by Francois Knuchel. Originally posted at Caterfly’s Smarter Working blog What is Kaizen? Kaizen is a philosophy that has transcended its development in Japanese car manufacturing management, where it was a critical component of the country’s post war economic transformation. Today, Kaizen is used across the world by life coaches, fitness and martial […]

Why coercion doesn’t work

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As any parent knows, as soon as a child starts to develop a sense of identity, they start to assert their boundaries and free will by saying No. Human nature being what it is, we have an innate hardwired resistance to change and to being told what to do. In the workplace getting others to do what is wanted of them, and getting them to engage, care and want it, is known as ‘achieving buy-in.’ It is the classic and everyday challenge faced by leadership…


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