TwerkOr…. 3. My Twitter Work

If you are new to Twitter, or wanting to improve or think more strategically about managing your account and aligning it with your marketing campaign, I can help you.

I’ll leave the large brand marketing strategy and high end tricks to the specialists – where I’m brilliant is in supporting beginners and those wishing to step up, either as individuals, small enterprises or teams managing accounts and across multiple platforms, and activists and do-gooders. I’m praised for my extreme patience, empathy and kind heartedness, and I’m a friend to technophobes.

Why not get in touch and let me know how I can help you.


My history:
I’ve been using Twitter for Good under various guises since 2009, although I’ve only been Tweeting as myself (@ThrivingPlanet) since 2012. I’ve co-created, co-managed or contributed to several accounts with followers numbering several thousand cumulatively, but punching above their weight in terms of influence. Several accounts have been followed and engaged with by others with significant reach and clout, but who follow and engage with only small numbers. Along the way I’ve been helping others get started and get smarter, including quite a few who started out as confirmed members of The Techno-Resistance, and also communities wanting to co-ordinate and increase the online profile of their area of interest. I can help you avoid the disastrous pitfalls that have caught out many, I never use techniques that lack integrity, and I emphasise genuine and useful relationships over buying up large numbers of bogus followers.

Accounts I’ve been either somewhat involved with or significantly responsible for:
@CCLDN (CrisisCamp London)
@GreenspeakUK (The Greenspeak events I used to co-organise)
@DLabCoop (DecisionLab, my old business)
@GreenDrinksBN1 (a local Green networking events account)

@TransitionBandH / @Brighton2020 (A local Transition Towns account)
@ThrivingPlanet (My own account)
@SociocracyUK (Promoting Sociocracy for better working)
@CaterflyOST (my business account in partnership with Francois Knuchel)

More TechnoGeekery
I don’t focus on selling this side of my expertise, but if you’re helping to make the world a better place, I also help people working with Linux and Open Source software, including:

installing Linux operating systems, setting up and training in collaboration and project management tools, mail and calendars, building and hosting websites and and so on.

Get in touch.

I recommend Linux Mint OS, DuckDuckGo search engine, Firefox web browser and Thunderbird mail management among others.