Thanks for checking me out. I don’t advertise my web building and hosting services, because it’s not my main focus.

On the other hand, I do support small enterprises and projects trying to make the world a better place. I can bring in assistance when required, including graphic and logo design and I can help you solve your conundrum.

  • I provide IT focussed facilitation – I speak the language of both end user and developer, and help teams work out what they want.
  • I offer training and support to novices around installing and using Linux operating systems and open source software, collaboration and project management software, email configuration and more.
  • My speciality is people and users and helping teams decide what to do.
  • I love to take complex and wordy prose and set fire to it, sculpting clear and simple content from the ashes.

I mostly use DMS by Pagelines for website building, a WordPress framework for building themes and websites more as you want it. I use and recommend Linux Mint OS and Thunderbird for mail and calendar management, and I’ve used a plethora of software. Before I got into people (which I’m much better at) I nearly ended up in IT and have been programming and tinkering with computers and software since I was a kid.

I am a friend to the technophobe and the technocurious, possessing extreme patience and kindness. I am an enemy to Google, Microsoft, Apple. My webhosting is powered by 100% renewable energy.

“Martin is a master, it’s like watching Roger Federer on Centre Court. It brought tears to my eyes, I’ve never seen anybody conduct IT systems training with such kindness and patience. It was very impressive, I saw a complete turnaround in one of his trainees who was like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a techno-freakout. He was playful, fun and unthreatening: exactly what was needed.” – Andrew Webb, Software Architect

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