September 2017 saw the release of the 2nd edition of the legendary We The People: Consenting To A Deeper Democracy by John Buck & Sharon Villines

The new edition has been substantially updated, expanded and improved and comes highly recommended. This remains the definitive handbook for learning about how we can work better together, re-wire our organisations, and re-imagine what it might be like to enjoyably work productively, effectively and efficiently with others. Sociocracy is an essential tool for the 21st Century that in essence is simultaneously simple, human and practical.

Sociocracy is a form of dynamic, collaborative governance based on consent decision making in teams organised as interlinked circles with common goals. It harnesses the collective intelligence and practical wisdom of a group to help everybody ‘steer the ship together’, while avoiding the drag often associated with full participation, or trying to get everybody to agree on everything. A framework for self-organising and self-managing teams, it offers a thoroughly modern vision of leadership, management and hierarchy in organisations. Sociocracy is empirical, drives quality and embraces system complexity.


A new digital edition has been published, and although over time the softback book will become available at forward thinking book shops, you might find you need to order it from your local book shop. 


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We The People: Consenting To A Deeper Democracy by John Buck & Sharon Villines – 2nd edition 2017

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ISBN: 978-0-9792827-3-7

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ISBN: 978-0-9792827-2-0

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