Building Enthusiastic Teams with Sociocracy, Greece, 2 – 9 Sept 2016

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2 – 9 Sep 2016, Pelion Centre, near Mount Pelion, Thessaly, Greece.

IMG_0218€ 400 (includes food and shared accommodation)

  • Learn more about the Pelion Holistic Education Centre, part of the Kalikalos Holistic Network.
  • Learn more about the area. The centre is in Anilio on the slopes of Mt Pelion, the forested mountain that dominates the Pelion peninsular in Magnesia, Thessaly on the Greek mainland.

Work Better Together

While the word Sociocracy may be unfamiliar, its roots go back to philosopher and founder of Sociology Auguste Comte, via Quaker peace activists. Today it is used in businesses and communities looking to work more effectively and enjoyably. You might think of Sociocracy as what comes after democracy; a deeper, more genuine form of democracy, that can help us do a better job of working and relating with each other, whether at work, in community or at home.

sociocracy circle

In this workshop you will experience and learn for yourself that beyond big words and ideas, the essence of Sociocracy is simple and elegant, that it can easily be applied to improve many aspects of your life and work. Sociocracy is a system and set of tools, which puts in to practice the values that humans instinctively hold dear, but which often disappear when we try to get things done with others, even if we try to do things ‘democratically.’ It is how we might go about getting things done if we forgot everything we’ve learned and started from scratch, as if common sense was common.

Soc testimonial 15Sociocracy is work as it should be.

  • You will learn how to solve problems and make better decisions together, despite different opinions, without resorting to bullying or giving in, without taking all day over it, and that everyone can get behind.
  • You will learn how to better use your time in and out of meetings, while keeping everyone on board.
  • You will learn how Sociocracy embraces respect, trust, diversity, empowerment, shared leadership, honesty, collaboration, efficiency, transparency, responsibility, innovation and the equivalent value of us all.
  • You will learn how to get stuff done, do more of the right things, and do more of what works.
  • You will learn how to make sure that you are learning from what you do, how your team can learn and grow wiser, healthier and sharper over time.


This workshop will be great for anyone who wants to learn and practice healthier and more effective ways of working and relating. You can be a complete beginner, or if you have experienced something like this before, this might be a useful opportunity to deepen your practice and understand it from a different perspective. Sociocracy is sometimes referred to as an ‘empty method’, which enables it to sit alongside and enhance other tools in a variety of settings.

Participants will learn together in the mornings, have the afternoons to walk, swim, play and practice in a stunning area of natural beauty surrounded by mountain, forest and sea. To deepen your experience of co-learning, of co-creating, of being at the centre, as well as to provide this course at an affordable price, a little time each day will be for participants to help with the running of the place, which might include cooking, cleaning or gardening.

Learn more about Sociocracy below.

About Martin Grimshaw: “Putting the fun into Fundamental Change”

martinGrimshaw200pxMartin Grimshaw is a facilitator, trainer and organisational consultant committed to helping people do a better job of working on what matters. He co-founded SociocracyUK, along with the UK’s first fully incorporated Sociocratic company and probably the world’s first fully incorporated Sociocratic co-operative business.

He has been practising Sociocracy in work and in life since around 2008, training extensively with Nathaniel Whitestone and John Buck, and learning, practising and teaching with many others ever since.

Learning efficient collaborative decision making skills may have helped to save his life high up on a mountain. Martin especially enjoys sharing important work in a way that his Grandmother could understand it.

“Martin is a master, it’s like watching Roger Federer on Centre Court. It brought tears to my eyes, I’ve never seen anybody conduct… training with such kindness and patience. It was very impressive… He was playful, fun and unthreatening: exactly what was needed.”

Contact Martin if you have questions or book directly with the Pelion Centre

A percentage of profits will be donated to SociocracyUK logo

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