Tues 10th May 16: Building Enthusiastic Teams With Sociocracy

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Building Enthusiastic Teams with Sociocracy – Module 1

A Workshop with Martin Grimshaw, Tue 10th May 2016, London, 09:30 – 17:30

Hosted by There’s Better Ways Of Working in partnership with Open2Flow.co.uk

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Collective Intelligence – Many minds combine to create greatness.

Important: Please choose the ticket type appropriate to your booking. We offer a sliding scale according to ability to pay, and we believe our prices represent very good value. We also offer multiple ticket discounts of £40 per ticket and ‘pay what you can’ prices – for these use the ‘Pay what you want’ option.


There’s a buzz around smarter and more humane approaches to working together. Reinventing Work has become a rallying cry for anyone looking to make the workplace happier and more enjoyably productive. More and more organisations and teams have become more collaborative, and are redesigning the hierarchy found in traditional companies. The roles of management, leadership and employee are being reimagined. Self-managing teams and more responsive, efficient organisations are emerging.

Soc testimonial 15Sociocracy is a common sense and practical set of tools for putting it all into action, with several decades of history and development in forward looking organisations. Sociocracy harnesses the intelligence in teams that is so often untapped, increasing staff engagement, fostering alignment around a common purpose, encouraging innovation, responsiveness and quality. Click on the links at the end to find out more.

You might think of Sociocracy as what comes after democracy, or even ‘management by the organisation as a whole’, but with an emphasis on getting the job done, efficiently and effectively, and encouraging creativity and responsibility. Sociocracy doesn’t try to be ‘one size fits’ answer for everything; instead it is adaptable and leaves space for other tools and practices.

In this practical workshop we will go over the basics of Sociocracy with an emphasis on team decision making and implementing simple and manageable yet significant shifts in the workplace. It will benefit anyone seeking to develop their skills as manager, leader, facilitator or to help their team or organisation resolve problems and work smarter.

What this course will cover

  • The essentials: overview and principles
  • In depth: Consent based collaborative decision making in teams for harnessing collective intelligence
  • Book-Now-button-orangeThe principle of consent across the organisation: building enthusiastic buy-in, and reducing conflict
  • The principle of feedback loops: innovation, self-development, continuous quality improvement and the responsive, ‘living company’Depending on the groups’ needs and progress, we may explore some of the topics below:
  • What’s happening in your team or organisation: practical tweaks you can make for subtle yet effective shifts
  • Distributed authority and leadership in a networked organisation
  • Implementing change: How to create shifts even when you’re not in charge
  • Roles and more effective meetings
  • The consent election process: give people enthusiastic backing to get the job done

Do you need Sociocracy?

  • Are your team decisions being met with resistance, with little buy-in or alignment?
  • Does the workforce feel disengaged and demotivated, leading to high staff turnover?
  • Is there too much pressure on managers and leaders to ‘perform’ and have all the answers?
  • Do staff members feel undervalued, with little outlet for staff creativity?
  • Does lack of consultation result in difficulty implementing decisions?
  • Does your organisation feel sluggish, or efficiently heading in the wrong direction?
  • Are you keen to change all of that?

Book-Now-button-orange* There are Very Early Bird and Early Bird tickets, and tickets across a range of prices between £115 – 340, with discounts for buying multiple tickets. A limited number of ‘pay-what-you-want’ tickets are available: you just need to tell us when booking a dazzling (but short) story of why you think the world will be a better place for you being on the course. Please carefully choose the right ticket when booking.

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Martin is also leading a week long learn & play retreat in Greece, Sep 16

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