Building Enthusiastic Teams with Sociocracy, Greece, 2 – 9 Sept 2016

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Want to solve many of the problems commonly faced in the workplace? Want to be more self organised and collaborative? Feel like you’re not getting the best from yourself or your colleagues? 1 week learn & play retreat at the stunning Pelion Centre, Mount Pelion, Thessaly, Greece – part of the Kalikalos holistic education network. Just €400 including food and shared accommodation, and plenty of time for snorkelling and exploring.

Why coercion doesn’t work

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As any parent knows, as soon as a child starts to develop a sense of identity, they start to assert their boundaries and free will by saying No. Human nature being what it is, we have an innate hardwired resistance to change and to being told what to do. In the workplace getting others to do what is wanted of them, and getting them to engage, care and want it, is known as ‘achieving buy-in.’ It is the classic and everyday challenge faced by leadership…

Deep Shift: An unManifesto for Community CoLearning

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Written primarily for a Transition Towns audience, this article describes the joy of hosting, organising, participating in training events that seek to create a deep personal shift or equip communities with useful skills. It talks of partnerships to co-create capacity building and skill sharing. It talks of the 21st Century approach to facilitating learning rather than imparting knowledge at people.