Deep Shift: An unManifesto for Community CoLearning

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Written primarily for a Transition Towns audience, this article describes the joy of hosting, organising, participating in training events that seek to create a deep personal shift or equip communities with useful skills. It talks of partnerships to co-create capacity building and skill sharing. It talks of the 21st Century approach to facilitating learning rather than imparting knowledge at people.

The fierce crucible of respectful communication

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Republished in loving memory of Adrienne Campbell, who wrote this in part inspired by her work with myself and colleagues. Honest, effective and respectful communication goes much further than being nice or polite. It means learning techniques for handling differences constructively, with wisdom, so that conflict need not arise. Difference of opinion is ok, it’s how we handle that which is key.

Which future?

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An Overview and Resources on Scenario Planning and The Great Transition A summary of material tracing the history of the development of the Great Transition vision, from scenario planning work in the 90s, through the Transition Towns movement and New Economics Foundation, with explanations of tools and key concepts. Originally published 2010 at DecisionLab by Martin […]