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  • Brexit & Shift: How can we transform the workplace together? Thurs 14 July, LondonIn response to the shock, division and disaray unleashed by the Brexit referendum, we feel it is essential to make space for people to come together. This is a participant-led 'Open Space' event, so the experience and discussions you have is up to you. But with many people distracted from fancy notions of reinventing work by very real and immediate worry, fear, anger, despondency this is your time to let off steam, ask big questions, get support and support others, or get constructive.
  • Mindfulness For Smarter Living 9-15 Sep 2016, GreeceWeek long learn and play retreat, with plenty of time for snorkelling and hiking around the stunning Mt Pelion coastline. Buddha’s Top Tips For Bringing Your Life Alive: Mindfulness has become a popular practice in the West, and embraced in business and medical settings, as well as in the growth in services focused on wellbeing. However, in going mainstream, much has been lost of the context in which mindfulness has arisen. To go deeper and learn more, commonly people will encounter teachings which are part of a vast and diverse web of cultures and ancient wisdom, and it is easy to be put off by language and something very different to anything we usually encounter in Western cultures. However, it has been said that while the Buddhist teachings and scriptures are like a mighty forest which one can explore for a lifetime, all one needs is contained within a handful of leaves...
  • Building Enthusiastic Teams with Sociocracy, Greece, 2 - 9 Sept 2016Want to solve many of the problems commonly faced in the workplace? Want to be more self organised and collaborative? Feel like you're not getting the best from yourself or your colleagues? 1 week learn & play retreat at the stunning Pelion Centre, Mount Pelion, Thessaly, Greece - part of the Kalikalos holistic education network. Just €400 including food and shared accommodation, and plenty of time for snorkelling and exploring.
  • Tues 10th May 16: Building Enthusiastic Teams With SociocracyTue 10 May 2016: Building Enthusiastic Teams with Sociocracy - a workshop with Martin Grimshaw, central London. Get the basics of using and implementing tools for working smarter together: collaborative decision making in which everyone can participate and that harnesses everyone's ingenuity, innovation every day, continuous improvement, fixing the hierarchy, transforming differing opinions into a resource, and more efficient meetings.



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